Privacy issues

Its 11:45pm. Yes I’m awake. I lay here while my boyfriend sleeps after what I thought was going to be a pretty intimate night.

I was wrong. Started out nice until my 18 year old decided to come in the house making as much noise as possible then knocking on the door for a vacuum.


You ever just feel sad? I have no sex life…and what little bit of quality time with skin to skin contact I have is interrupted. Makes it hard to even want to get excited. No privacy

“I can’t even begin to understand why a teenager thinks its ok to disturb their parents after 11 o’ clock at night”

Parenting 101:

the first thing to teach a child is the importance of Privacy

I can’t sleep now. I want to cry. But he cannot see my weakness nor do I want him to hear my sobs

Doesn’t seem fair. But who said life was fair?


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